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Blogging my homework – the longest executive summary ever

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I’m not very happy with this particular homework. It’s an executive summary (ES) of chapter seven of the book Handbook of Human Performance Technology. I think its too long, but I didn’t want to lose points for not covering everything. … Continue reading

Blogging my homework: Group created mindmap on the history of HPT

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This past week we had a group assignment to create a mindmap about the history of HPT (Human Performance Technology). My group chose to use Mindmeister to accomplish this task so that we could work collaboratively (and so one person … Continue reading

Blogging my homework: I don’t wanna be a Bob!!

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As I read the Promising Practices article, I remembered something that happened when I took Dr. Keller’s Intro to Instructional Systems class. Several of us realized in horror that we are learning to be “the Bobs” from Office Space. If … Continue reading

Blogging my Homework

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In my Human Performance Theory class, we have to turn in Executive Summaries (ES) and mindmaps for selected readings each week. Since I know so many people who are experts on performance, I thought I’d share what I am doing … Continue reading

Fall Semester Starts Tomorrow

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Fall semester starts tomorrow. Part of me is anxious, mostly because I am already so busy I’m not sure what my class load is going to do to my life. But the other part of me is really excited. I … Continue reading

Help build out a wiki about using tech to help with Asperger’s issues

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I’m working on the first assignment for my Web 2.0 course. I have to make an example of “produsage”. What I settled on was creating a wiki so people can share how they use technology to overcome issues that come … Continue reading

Light blogging volume here for another four weeks

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I’m in a class this summer that requires me to keep a blog, so I’ve been blogging there. We’re reading Alex Bruns’ book about “Produsage”, and I really hate this book. If you want to read what I have to … Continue reading

The Summer semester has started!

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I’m taking a class called Web 2.0 Learning and Performance. There are over 30 people in the class, and I’m having flashbacks to CCK08. I may blog less here for the next few weeks as I have to keep a … Continue reading

Want to see my final projects from the Spring Semester?

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I am done with this semester. YAY!!! Here’s a look at the final projects for my classes. In one class, we spent the semester carrying out a mini-study. My team looked at this question: Do people who say that they … Continue reading

Instructional Systems Award Ceremony

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I was nominated for the “Best Distance Learning Student” in the awards ceremony for my school this year. I didn’t win – a very honorable classmate of mine did (way to go Matt!!). Three of the nominees and our professor … Continue reading