Participants needed: Global Study on Information Management Trends

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For the past four years, my organization at EMC (Education Services) has sponsored a survey for the  people who manage storage, and the people who manage the people who manage storage. The reason is to try and figure out what gaps exist between what these people need to successfully to their job of managing the world’s information and how things really are for these folks.

So if your job is to manage information and storage, or to manage the professionals who do this sort of work, please consider participating in our survey. Please note that the survey is not for anyone who works at EMC. We want a real-world view from people down in the trenches using our products. And not just our products – if you know someone who meets this description – no matter what  sort of storage array they are using – please send them the survey.

Here’s a link to the Proven Professional Community that will tell you more about it. Stop by and tell us what you see as gaps from achieving optimal performance as a information and storage professional.

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