Where I’ll be this summer

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It’s summer, and my time is already accounted for. Here’s what is on my agenda:

  • Vacation. I really really need one. I have more work to do than I have time to do it. It is starting to take its toll on me – I actually probably should not be typing at all right now. My shoulder is in such pain from an old injury and not taking care of myself.
    Anyone who works on a computer – don’t be like me! Take care of yourself!! Take breaks, exercise, and get regular massages.
  • Grad School. I am taking one class – Web 2.0 Learning & Performance. Our books are Here Comes Everybody and Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, & Beyond. It should be good.
  • eLearning Guild’s Instructional Design Symposium in Boston: I’ll be there. I am actually presenting. This will be my first conference presentation and I freak out every time I think about it. So moving on.. 🙂
  • Totally OC: Totally Open Course is an instructional design playground some former CCK08 classmates and I are starting up. Stay tuned for details…
  • PodCamp Boston: Almost forgot – I’m registered for PodCamp Boston (in August) too!

That should keep me busy for a while. How about you? How is your summer shaping up?

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