Want to learn more about the foundations of Cloud Computing?

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Have you heard anyone talk about cloud computing? Do you have any clue what they are talking about? Do you wish you understood the fundamentals about cloud computing?

If so, head over to this link and sign up for the new eLearning module from EMC Education entitled Cloud Computing Foundations. Its FREE until the end of March, you just need a Powerlink Account.

Here’s what you should know after taking the module:

  • What is cloud computing
  • What are the physical components required for cloud computing
  • What sorts of applications are good to put in “the cloud”
  • What are the challenges of cloud computing?
  • Practical examples of cloud computing solutions

If you have a Powerlink account already, go to this page to get the module. (EMC employees please use this link).

If you need help setting up a Powerlink Lite account, go this discussion on the Proven Professional Community. We’d love to hear your comments about the module in the community as well.

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