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Dr King spoke about technology

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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day here in the US. I can’t find the speech I listened to this morning, but I was fascinated with hearing Dr. King talk about technology, and the responsibility we have to treat each … Continue reading

The seductive power of distraction

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dis·trac·tion  /disˈtrakSHən/ Noun A thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. A diversion or recreation. We live in incredible times. We have this incredible technology –  one that is increasingly affordable to everyone – that has … Continue reading

Don’t Do This: Name files incorrectly

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I have another entry in the “Don’t Do This” category. Don’t make the students work harder than necessary to access what they need for assignments. For instance, if you know forgetting to name a document .doc will confuse the download … Continue reading

The Summer Semester is almost over!

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I am working with my group on our final project. Of course I have a beta class delivery due right at the same time. I am so awesome at scheduling things like that! (oh yes, that is sarcasm). For our … Continue reading