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A community to support customers must be more than customer support

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I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time. I’m noticing that many businesses will set up a community for their customers, but the community never makes it any further than the customer support stage. My Verizon example I … Continue reading

How information needs and small world signatures are related to affinity and relevance

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Last week I wrote a post asking if anyone knew a technical term for truthiness. No takers on that so that request. So now this is my reflective post to work my way through the idea that unscrupulous information imposters … Continue reading

What is the signature of the storage blog-o-sphere

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The topic of blogging independence is rearing its head again in the storage blog-o-sphere again, this time because some of the “independent” bloggers have been hired by EMC. I wanted to weigh in – reminding everyone up front that I … Continue reading

How do employment recruiters look for job candidates?

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One of my special interests is how individuals in various small worlds use information. There are many benefits to be had if you can figure out how to interact with a small world in which you don’t have membership. One … Continue reading