Researching, “Hierarchy of Change”, and Blogging

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Classes started for the Spring semester. One of the classes I am taking is Inquiry and Measurement. Its about the research methods & resources used to conduct good scientific investigations, and how to measure those findings (broadly paraphrasing the syllabus).

One of the books for the project is Researching Real-World Problems: A Guide to Methods of Inquiry by ZIna O’Leary. The first chapter had an interesting diagram of hierarchy of change that made me think of my ongoing thread about using blogging for reflective learning.

Here’s the diagram:

O'leary's Hierarchy of change

O’Leary says

the process of conducting research is in itself a learning journey that should have an impact on the researcher; conducting research is professional development.

As you go up the hierarchy, research impacts practice, then programmes, and finally policy. All of the steps are encompassed by culture. So as research affects each of these steps, it also has an impact on the organization’s culture.

Is it possible that blogging is one way to research for professional development? As you get better at finding and reflecting on the information you find researching blog posts, you can then start affecting change up this hierarchy of change. O’Leary says conducting research at the professional development stage provides the following benefits to the individual:

Wouldn’t you say that blogging also provides all of those opportunities to people? So can blogging also work its way up that hierarchy of change, including to the point that it changes an organization’s culture?

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