Instructional Design Books I’ve read for my IS degree

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Cammy Bean started me thinking about the books I’ve kept from my IS program over in her thread What is Instructional Design?

Since I am slacking this morning – totally delaying starting my homework and work – I thought I’d drag out the books I’ve kept from my IS program. Here they are, in no particular order:

I am in my last semester. I’ve been arguing with everything the first book we are reading says, so not sure if I’ll keep it. Its Mayer’s Multimedia Learning.

So – what have you read for your IS degree?

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  1. K Smith says:

    Bob Mager – the original Learning Objectives book
    Robert Gagne – Principles of Instructional Design & Conditions of Learning
    Dick and Carey – The Systematic Design of Instruction
    Jeroold Kemp – Designing Effective Instruction and an Instructional Media Book

    Strong FSU influence although instructors were from Indiana University and Michigan State

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