I don’t feel like writing

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This couldn’t have come at a worse time. I just don’t feel like writing, smack in the middle of #vdm30in30.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m writing my butt off for work. I have a launch this week, so tons of content getting updated, new content being created. Perhaps this is some of the reason I don’t feel like writing, I’m hunched over my laptop for many hours each day. Spending more time connected to the 1s and 0s doesn’t seem like the best way to keep balanced.

And goodness knows we need balance. In my personal life, the upcoming merger/integration (still not sure of the proper words) is starting to loom large, and y’all know I can’t write about that.  And of course I have my own personal and family issues playing out, that’s all part of life I guess.

It just seems as if the entire world is just in turmoil, more so than ususal. Paris, Beirut, Syria…those things definitely dwarf my puny troubles. The stories of the students who use their privilege to take hard stances against racism have been retold until the story is unrecognizable. People lament the old America that wouldn’t stand for whiners , wouldn’t allow a massacre, forgetting (perhaps not even realizing) that’s how this country was created.

The conversations about these things are really repetitions of one liners, tweets, biased and in many cases untrue “news” reports. I say conversations loosely. I’m not willing to partake in them any more, they make me sad. It breaks my heart to see the world’s reaction to trauma.

So I don’t feel like writing. I think this is more a time for reflection. Time to pull our families and good friends close, and strengthen each other. Because I really feel like this is just the beginning.

This poem by Joy Harjo captures much of what I feel. This song was on my mind all morning…I think it’s about romantic relationships, but it really gets to how I feel.

We need peace y’all.


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