Enterprise Cloud Summit @ Interop session: Optimizing Hybrid Cloud Communication

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Short notes from panel “Optimizing Hybrid Cloud Communication” that happened during the Enterprise Cloud Summit at Interop. Panel moderator was Hooman Beheshti from Strangeloop Networks. Panelists included Steve Riley from Riverbed, Amir Khan from Juniper, Steve Shah from Citrix, and Todd Paoletti from Akamai.

  • Question: What does it mean to optimize a hybrid cloud:
    • Steve Riley – making sure end user exp is same no matter where resource is
    • Amir Khan – seamless experience. From NW perspective means Data center, users, and cloud. Networks need to expand
    • Steve Shah – end user exp is end game, but lots of questions at “basic plubming level”. Needs to be transparent. transparency in connectivity and transparency in SLAs. SLAs not the same internally (CIO) and cloud providers
    • Todd Paoletti -proxemity challenge – bring app as close as possibly physically is important
  • Question: Is it enough to throw a service or app at the problem? Or does app need to be re-rewritten?
    • Probably rewriting.Also network topology and design rework
    • Combo of elements that need to be designed
  • Question: What to focus on for optimized flow?
    • Lots of issues to address – depends on what is being used. Mobile is a big consideration.
    • Design the allocation so it can evolve
  • Question – real world experience – data spread over continents, can you put data all over the globe and get it back in a timely manner, like you would in one datastore?
    • Latency transparency – app guys have to be mindful of where data is (can’t select * and go thru data later)
    • Optimization should happen before encryption

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