EMC Proven Professional Community Roundup, Week Ending June 19

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Sorry this is late everyone, it is going to be a busy summer here!

Community Updates

Value of being Proven

This question has been in the Industry Readiness community for a while, but its still a really good post. The IDC white paper The Proven Professional Certification – Proving Certification Can Profittalks about the impact a Proven Professional certification can have to someone’s career, or to IT organizations. What do you think – what’s the real value of being a Proven Professional?

Blog posts that may be of interest to Proven Professionals

Ok everyone – there is about a week and a half left in the quarter – good luck to everyone studying for certification exams. Make sure to ask the community for help if you get stuck!

That’s all I have for this week. Be safe, stay cool and see you next week.

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