Dell Storage Forum – the big fat review post

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I’ve been holding off on doing my wrap-up post of the Dell Storage Forum because I wanted to wait until other folks finished posting about their conference take-aways. But you people are maniacs — the content just keeps rolling in! 🙂

I give up, here’s my wrap-up. If I miss something you posted, or if you post something after this goes live (ahem Mr. Lund…), please add a comment with your link!

Fluid data architecture


The theme of the conference was Dell’s fluid data architecture. Everywhere you looked you could see the fluid influence. Every one of the big releases at the conference where about solidifying this architecture.

Folks in Orlando told us what fluid means to them in this video.

Where to find more information

There are still lots of tweets coming through on the #dellsf11 hashtag, and mentioning the @dellsf twitter account. You may want to follow the Twitter list from the event, to keep up with the community’s influencers. We’ve been posting all of the great content that you guys have been posting on the Dell Storage Facebook Fan Page. There are some great pictures and videos on the Dell Flickr account.

Here are blog posts and other content generated from the Dell Storage Forum:

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