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I just finished my class meeting, and saw this posted by @courosa:

Pursuing the elusive metaphor of community in e-learning environments

This presentation is about community and eLearning. It talks about non formal and informal learning. I really wish I had been able to hear that presentation!
We’ve been working on building that sort of learning community with the EMC Proven Professional Community. Right now we have discussions going on about ZBR (Zoned Bit Recording), RAID5, Spherical disks, and time dilation of all things.
Our members include college kids just studying information and storage management as well as seasoned EMC veterans.It is interesting to see some of the exchanges that are starting to happen there!
We’ve taken things a step further by creating a community exclusively for folks who are certified EMC Proven Professionals. If you have an EMC Proven Certification, log into the Proven community and you’ll see a link for the Proven Professionals ONLY! community.
Hopefully we’ll be able to continue to build the community so that it becomes part of the PLE (personal learning environment) for lots of folks. If you are interested in the information and storage management industry, drop by. Let us know how we’re doing!

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