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Rummler Report

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I’ve been talking at #lrnchat about our report on Geary Rummler. Its 90% done, so I posted it on slideshare. We have to fix a couple of things, the biggest one is our citation page. Please bear in mind the … Continue reading

Blogging my homework – the longest executive summary ever

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I’m not very happy with this particular homework. It’s an executive summary (ES) of chapter seven of the book Handbook of Human Performance Technology. I think its too long, but I didn’t want to lose points for not covering everything. … Continue reading

Blogging my homework: Group created mindmap on the history of HPT

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This past week we had a group assignment to create a mindmap about the history of HPT (Human Performance Technology). My group chose to use Mindmeister to accomplish this task so that we could work collaboratively (and so one person … Continue reading

Blogging my Homework

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In my Human Performance Theory class, we have to turn in Executive Summaries (ES) and mindmaps for selected readings each week. Since I know so many people who are experts on performance, I thought I’d share what I am doing … Continue reading