Blogging my homework – my first movie!

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This semester I’m taking a course named Multi-Media Design and Development. Our first assignment is due tomorrow, we had to do design a lesson using a free, online animation tool.

My lesson is on adding tags to community generated content. I think it is hilarious. For your enjoyment, I present “Community Alert: Solving the Case of Missing Information“.

4 Responses to Blogging my homework – my first movie!

  1. K Smith says:

    I think this is pretty cool and has a potential to be an effective tool. As for me I do not have a place for it, yet. I think its value is for short simple messages or points of reinforcement. I made a short movie using a scene from Citizen Kane. I used the script word for word other than changing a male character to a female. I used some phonetic spelling to help with a few words.
    I may not know all the tools, but hope there is a way to display text to reinforce words or to provide a visual queue for examples or definitions. My next project is to create a movie out of a #lrnchat sessions. I think I will take the liberty of combining characters (Tweters).

  2. gminks says:

    We were told which tool to use, but I also wish there was a way to cut to what I was explaining. I would have liked to have shown the characters using the tool.

  3. K Smith says:

    My comments were to the product since I knew that as an assignment the objectives differ from the objectives of a project for the “real world.” I still think it is a nice product (and your project/example is great).

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